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SERVICEBERRY, (Amelanchier canadensis) Shadblow Serviceberry: 25’ Ht. X 20’ Spread, Multi – stem, very nice small tree, native. This plant has four-season interest with its spring white flowers, summer 3/8” dark purple edible fruits, fall color is yellow and at times with orange and red. Winter bark character of grayish smooth streaked with longitudinal fissures. Fruit is high in antioxidants. Excellent small residential, ornamental, multi-stem tree!  

SYCAMORE- American Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis) 75’ – 100 foot tall by equal spread. Fast grower with Exfoliating bark, exposing white to creamy white inner color, gives nice winter character, native to Ohio, fast grower.

RED SUNSET MAPLE 50’ Ht. X 40’ Spread. Vigorous growing tree. Foliage is lustrous green changing to Brilliant shades of RED and orange in the fall. Will tolerate a wide range of soils including moist soil (Not standing water). This has been our top seller year after year! 

AUTUMN BLAZE MAPLE 50’ Ht. X 40’ spread. FAST growing hardy tree. Fall color is a brilliant ORANGE-RED.
A cross between RED and SILVER Maple. It takes the best features of both parents. Drought tolerance of Silver Maple with brilliant orange-red fall color of Red Maple. Good branch habit. Excellent urban tree. Will tolerate a wide range of
soils including moist soil (NOT standing water) 

REDPOINTE MAPLE (Acer rubrum ‘Frank Jr.) 45’ Ht. X 30’ spread. Vigorous, upright, broadly pyramidal form with
strong branch angles and brilliant RED fall color. Good choice for a street tree. Tolerance of heat and drought and
adaptable to higher pH soils.  

PACIFIC SUNSET MAPLE (Acer truncatum x platanoides ‘Pacific Sunset), 30’ Ht. X 25’ Spread, SMALLER size
Maple, Ideal for residential use. Shape is upright spreading to rounded. Fall color is a range from YELLOW to bright
ORANGE-RED TO MAROON. Foliage is a very glossy green. This tree is a cross with Norway Maple which is a very
Hardy tree, and has the largest flowers of the maples.  

CRIMSON KING MAPLE : 35’-40’ Height X 20’-25’ Spread. Leaves have a rich MAROON-RED color, spring to fall.
Gives dense shade and excellent when used for foliage contrast. Slow grower. Limited quantities available. 

CRABAPPLE,’ Royal Raindrops’ PINK Flowering Crabapple (Malus ‘Royal Raindrops’ ‘JFS-KW5’)
Size is 20’ Ht. X 15’ Spread., Red buds open to beautiful pink flowers in the spring. Foliage emerges deep purple and remains till fall. Fall color is bronze, orange to purplish. Very nice small, upright spreading tree that is disease tolerant. The ornamental small fruit is 3/8” or less size. Fruit color is bright Red that makes interesting winter character and liked by wildlife.

HAZELNUT American Hazelnut and American Filbert (Corylus Americana ) Height: 8’- 15’, Spread: 10’-15’ Zone : 4. Full sun to partial shade. Multi-stem SHRUB, forms a rounded top. Great for naturalizing and wildlife. Fruit: NUT ½ inch long, EDIBLE, August to October. Flower: Male catkins, 1 ½”-3” long, Brownish and showy in the spring. Fun to watch. Fall color: Green to a range of red, yellow, orange. No Serious pests. Species is NATIVE to OHIO. These are sold balled and burlap. 

BLACK WALNUT (Juglans nigra) Large tree 50’-70’ Height with similar spread. Prefers deep, rich to moist soils. Tolerates drier soils but grows much more slowly. Has a tap root. Wood is Highly prized! These will be sold bare root, available in limited quantities.

CRABAPPLE, DOLGO –Flowering Crabapple- (Malus ‘Dolgo’) Height: 30’ x Spread: 25’ Zone: 5 Full sun. Shape: Upright, spreading to open. Leaves are green and glossy. Fruit: RED, 1 ½” and edible. Loved by wildlife. One of the hardiest and earliest of the crabapple to bloom, pink buds open to large, fragrant, white flowers. Abundant edible fruits ripening in mid-summer excellent for jelly. Limited quantity call for availability.

PECAN, Northern – (Carya illinoinensis) Height: 70’-100’ Spread: 45’- 75’ Zone: 5 Full sun to partial shade. The largest member of the hickory family. Has a straight trunk with symmetrical, broadly oval head. Tree has a tap root that is hard to transplant in older trees. Nuts are sweet and edible for people and wildlife. Prefers lowland, deep, rich moist soils. Two varieties are needed for cross pollination. NATIVE to Mississippi valley to S. Indiana with limited distribution to S. Ohio. Limited quantity call for availability.

MAGNOLIA ‘JANE’ (Magnolia ‘Jane’) Height. 20’ x 20’ Spread, Late blooming, reddish purple flower, Full morning sun, to partial shaded afternoons. Likes acidic, loamy, moist, rich sandy, silty loam and well drained soil. Limited quantity call for availability.

WAHOO, Eastern, (Euonymus atropurpureus) Full sun to partial shade. 12’-24’ Height. Small tree or a large multi stemmed shrub. Fall color turns shades of YELLOW, PINK TO RED, with winter character of a RED fruit. Zone 4, HARDY.

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